Words well spoken

Joel Rainey and Travis Hilton have both written some noteworthy words about the fomenting fragmentation of the SBC.  I commend them to you with hopes that their thoughts provide you with the much needed mill-grist I have found them to be.

Joel Rainey on “Can Joshua go the Memphis?”

Travis Hilton from “Baptist Reform.

One thought on “Words well spoken

  1. Those are both good blogs, and they make good points. I have a tendency to agree with the Memphis Declaration folks, though I am not in anybody’s sphere of influence and I have enough work to do and meetings to attend in my own church, without adding denominational stuff to that. I’ll stick to reading and posting the occasional blog.

    I agree that there are most definitely political overtones in all of this. In fact, I personally think it is far more political than it is about theology. How much difference is there, really, in the theology of the two groups? It’s about who wins the popularity contest to control the SBC.

    The personal attacks subtract from credibility and need to be stopped. There can be disagreement without accusation, inuendo and name-calling. Do we really believe in an inerrant, infallible Bible? Then let’s do what it says while we are disagreeing with each other.

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