Make ’em laugh

Wade Burleson and I are busy these days. For the past month we have been together for a week of days, crisscrossing the state of Texas and meeting with pastors and laymen, having lunch and playing golf, all in an effort to encourage a surge of new blood into our convention’s work. One day last month we were in a car for almost ten hours, riding along with another Texas pastor who kept us in tears with laughter at his dry wit and observational humor. With malice toward none, I wanted to post some of the one-liners that almost caused wrecks on two Texas interstates:

1. “Aw, that lady. She’s awful horsey.”

“What does horsey mean,” asks Wade.

“Well, it means she likes to bray.”

2. “That guy is as mean as a cut worm.”

3. “Have you read Pressler’s book, ‘A Hill on Which to Kill?'”

4. “That guy teaching theology makes as much sense as Idi Amin running a Jewish nursery.”

5. “He’s a pretty smart guy. But his wife, well, she’s pretty dim. Come to think of it, her favorite word is ‘huh?'”

6. “Southern Baptists are scared to death that somebody will be soft on gays. Well, I’ve always been pretty soft when it comes to gays.”

7. “Dwight McKissic has the guts of a daytime burglar.”

4 thoughts on “Make ’em laugh

  1. Crisscrossing the State of Texas playing golf? I bet that was during one round. Sounds like someone needs to work on their golf swing.

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