A message for Bobby Welch…

Dear Bro. Bobby:

I know you have been wondering why I have been negligent in posting to Baptist Blogger this past week. Surely you have been concerned that I was dead, or hospitalized, or that my fingers had fallen off and I had not yet learned how to nose or nub the keyboard.

Nevertheless, you have expressed your concerns on numerous occasions that “blogging boys,” such as I, are too concerned about their computers and too unconcerned about souls.

Cue the shofar.

Over the past two weeks our church has welcomed a significant number of new visitors. We have also been preparing for another baptism — to occur this coming Sunday morning — that we hope will help you inch one soul closer to your million mark.

I’m consumed with a morning sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew, and Sunday evenings have been dedicated to a series I have entitled “Everything I needed to know I learned in the book of Genesis.” We’ve had a death in our extended church family, and all our retirement community members are coming down sick. I’ve been trying to help one lady in our church get her electric bill paid, and another lady in our church get new underwear and socks for her son to start school. We are preparing to affirm two new deacons, and last Sunday we observed the Lord’s Supper, wine and all. And now I’m reading over the latest article on prayer from our newly elected SBC president, Frank Page.

Needless to say I’ve been busy with the real ministry of Parkview Baptist Church, and now that I’m catching my breath, I’ll be back to blogging in short order.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m running the wheels off to do what “Everyone Can” since “I’m it.”


Blogging boy

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