What I believe about Bobby Welch

1. Bobby Welch loves to see lost people come to faith in Christ.
2. Bobby Welch served commendably in Vietnam.
3. Bobby Welch has pastored one church faithfully for many, many years.
4. Bobby Welch was a fair-minded, even-handed moderator for floor debate at the SBC.
5. Bobby Welch believes what he preaches.
6. Bobby Welch is genuinely concerned about the future of the SBC.
7. Bobby Welch did not intentionally misrepresent the facts in his recent SBC Life article.
8. Bobby Welch truly hopes to foster holiness and righteousness among Southern Baptists.
9. Bobby Welch does not live his life trying to make enemies.
10. Bobby Welch will have a blessed retirement because of his faithfulness.
11. Bobby Welch does not like nepotism, cronyism, or favoritism to infect denominational work any more than I do.
12. Bobby Welch is his own man, owing allegiance to Christ alone.
13. Bobby Welch is a sinner in need of God’s grace like the rest of us.
14. Bobby Welch realizes he is a sinner in need of God’s grace like the rest of us.
15. Bobby Welch would not intentionally adopt a condemning tone against another human being.
16. Bobby Welch would seek forgiveness with humility if he had ever knowingly offended a brother in Christ or mischaracterized his beliefs in any forum, public or private.
17. Bobby Welch will be making several phonecalls very soon.

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