Tom Hatley: RESIGN!!!

All I’m going to say is this:

Tom Hatley’s latest comments about Wade Burleson are so totally beyond the margins of trustee propriety and Christian courtesy as to warrant his immediate censure and reprimand by the board. Is this helpful? Is this reconciliation? Is this man serious when he thinks he still has the ability to represent Southern Baptists on our mission board?

Tom Hatley, I beg of you, resign your final year on the board and allow Southern Baptists to move on.

You can’t spell Cooperative Program without a C and a P.

And you can’t spell Tom Hatley without H-A-T-E.

He’s got to go.

I’m so very sad for him, his church, and our missionaries who have to pierce the darkness with men like Tom Hatley holding the line back at home.

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