SBC San Antonio Rooms

Today at my associational executive board meeting, several friends asked me about rooms for the San Antonio Convention next year. I’ve also received several calls from other people wanting me to help them get rooms. In the past, previous administrators at Southeastern Seminary have asked me for rooms. Everybody, it seems, thinks that I have some inside track to getting rooms at the SBC.

Anybody wanting a room at the SBC annual meeting is afforded the same opportunity. On October 1st of every year, messengers are allowed to begin booking hotel rooms through the convention housing office. This year, I helped a number of people get their reservation into the housing office in time to get a room at the headquarters hotel. In the past, I have done this and I will continue to do so in the future. There have been occasions where the headquarters hotel was full and I had to book rooms privately at a slightly higher rate to accomodate all the messengers that wanted to get rooms. This year every person that I asked to go to the convention was able to get rooms at the headquarters hotel, and they obtained their rooms just like everyone else, through the convention housing office in the order they are received. Any suites are upgraded rooms that I pay at my cost.

So my advice to anyone planning to attend the SBC Annual Meeting in San Antonio next year: Get your room reservation in as close to October 1, 2006, as possible. The headquarters hotels for the meeting will be the Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk.