BGCT gets it right

Regarding the concern of nepotism that I have posted on this blog, I’ve discovered that the Baptist General Convention of Texas — better known as the state convention every “conservative” loves to hate — has carefully included a nepotism clause in their nominating procedures. This, taken from BGCT governing documents:

Trustees must not be related in the third degree by birth, adoption or marriage to each other or to the Presidents/CEO (CEO, CFO, CAO, COO) of the institutions on which board they serve. This interpretation would exclude those related as parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, great-great grandparent, great-great grandchild, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece or cousin or the spouse of one of the above.

Due to possible conflict of interest, nominating anyone for a position as trustee who is an employee of the BGCT or an employee of one of its institutions or agencies should be avoided. The only exception to this might be the selection of a non-administrative employee of an education institution to serve as a trustee of a health care institution or non-administrative health care institution employee being asked to serve on an educational institution board. Physicians cannot serve on the board of a hospital where they practice.

No member of the Committee on Nominations for Boards of Affiliated Ministries may be nominated by any subcommittee to serve as a trustee unless currently serving as a trustee and eligible for re-election.

No person shall be eligible for concurrent membership on more than one affiliated board or board of related institutions or agencies.

Committee members shall avoid nominating themselves or their relatives to serve on committees or boards of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

No employee of an institution shall serve on a nominating subcommittee.

So there goes my theory that conservative leaders are adopting the same methods of control used by moderates in days gone by.

No, it seems that conservatives have developed a system of political spoils all on their own…and one that reaches new heights depths of nepotism.